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Successfully navigating court processes

Atlanta appellate lawyer Jake Arbes is dedicated to providing clients the highest caliber representation in all phases of litigation, including appeals. The firm excels at appealing adverse trial court rulings, and also successfully defends lower court victories on appeal. We do so by keeping abreast of litigation trends and ever-changing case law.

We monitor each case the firm tries for potential points of appeal, ensuring any errors against us are preserved for post-trial relief, and that we are prepared to defend rulings in our favor. Likewise, we review any cases we accept from other firms for challenges such as:

  • Sufficiency of the evidence
  • Proper legal interpretation
  • Improperly admitted testimony
  • Expert admission
  • Procedural errors
  • Faulty jury instructions

The firm’s 34 years’ appellate law experience includes filing:

  • Motions for post-trial relief

                -Motions to vacate
                -Motions for reconsideration
                -Motions for judgment notwithstanding
        the verdict

  • Appeal briefs
  • Writs
  • Amicus curiae briefs

We have the legal knowledge needed to handle briefing and oral arguments before state and federal appellate courts throughout Georgia.

Committed criminal appeals lawyer in Georgia

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